Lease Administration

Keep track of the Lease Agreement duration, and be notified timeously when it is due to expire, in order to make the necessary arrangements to extend the lease and secure a rental increase, or, alternatively, advertise for a new tenant.


Lessor and Lessee statements are sent out automatically on a monthly basis.

Bank Integrated Payment system

The Rent Direction system allows you to make payments to any relevant party directly from its platform.

Invoices | Receipts

Deposit invoices are created once off. The monthly rental invoices are set as recurring. Unless there is a change in the monthly billing, all invoices will be sent to Lessees automatically on a monthly basis. Once a rental payment has been received and reconciled, the tenant will receive an automatic payment confirmation by e-mail, which serves as a receipt. The Lessor will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation of payment to their account, as the payment is released.

Deposit Management

Lessee's deposits will be kept secure in individual interest bearing accounts as per the EAAB requirements.


Do credit checks directly from the Rent Direction platform, whilst your payments details update automatically.

Audit Trail

Keep records of all transactions made via the Rent Direction platform.


Documentation, such as Lease Agreements, Entry & Exit Inspections, Property Photos, Inspection reports and photos, can be uploaded to each property. Lessors and Lessees then have the option of logging onto the system to access this information themselves.

Lessee & Lessor Profile 

Lessees and Lessors each received their own log-in details for they personal profile on Rent Direction. Whereby they can log in at any time to view or pull statements and see relating documents such as lease agreements and inspections reports.


Reminders are sent out to agents on a specified time to advise them when a Lease is terminating depending on the Agency’s internal policy, reminders can also be sent out to Lessees and Agents of upcoming inspections falling due.


Rent Direction can be used as a database to store all parties contact details, allowing the user quick and easy access to e-mail Clients directly from the system. 


You may have unlimited user, and each user is set up with unique log-in details. Each user's permissions can be customised according to the needs of the agency.


Rent Direction is stored in the cloud and allows you to access and transact on the system from anywhere at any time.


The Rent Direction team provides unlimited support via logging a call or sending an email.