About Us

Rent Direction is an automated transactional platform that manages your property at a click of a button, and has been created by a team of property management agents, with a combined experience of nearly 30 years in the industry. 

Rent Direction is integrated with one of South Africa's leading banks, which allows you to process payments directly from the Rent Direction platform. The accounting side of the systems makes provision for reconciliation and leaves an audit trail that will comply with your annual audit requirements.

Estate Agents need to comply with the rules of the EAAB. Such rules include, but are not limited to managing deposit monies, regular inspections, sending out invoices and receipts, keeping track of the maintenance expenses on behalf of the Lessor.

Within Rent Direction we cater for these needs and assist a Rental Agent to comply with the necessary regulations in a quick, easy and efficient manner in order to give them more time to go out and source more business.