Straightforward And Convenient

Create Properties, Lessors, Lessees and Third Party Suppliers, linking them to an automated monthly invoice run, or capture individual once off Suppliers.

Once the rental funds have been received, simply distribute between all the relevant parties, or only selected ones, and authorise the payments.

Affordable Solution

Saving time is saving money. By simplifying the management of your rental portfolio, you will have more time to spend on marketing and canvassing for new business.

Our fees are calculated on a percentage of your commission income, with the added benefit of a lower banking fee structure.

Getting Started

To find out more about our services, fees and how to join, simply send us an enquiry, and one of our sales consultants will contact you to set up an appointment for a demonstration, packed with information.

Features Include

Lease Administration

Monitor Lease Agreement payments, durations, inspections and renewals at a quick glance of your dashboard.


Lessee and Lessor invoices as well as statements are created and sent out automatically on a monthly basis.


Upload and store documentation pertaining to Lease Agreement and Inspections as well as photos.


Reminders are sent out for upcoming Inspections and Lease Agreement termination.


Use Rent Direction as a database to store all parties contact details.


Accessible from anywhere at any time to view or process transactions.